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Everybody in the whole cell block
es // clem
I woke with Bowie in my head.

On my way in to work I listened to a writer talk about craft and then a podcaster speak on the paranormal and ghost stories. There was one that gave me to the bone chills. I almost had to turn it off, but I didn't, because sometimes fear without actual danger can be thrilling.

I have a thing for stripes, an affinity, or maybe its an obsession. Last week I bought a stripey dress to add to the, well, many in my closet. It was one of two dresses, part of a buy one get one half off thing at Target, so really, how could I resist? Then it was a stripey long tee shirt at the thrift store that just had to be mine. I suppose the dark green maxi dress I bought Saturday, the last day of that buy one... sale counts, too, as it is dark green and black stripes.

I'm wearing the black-and-white dress today.

I'm becoming a one-girl Jailhouse Rock song come to life.

Jailhouse Rock :: Elvis Presley

I so have that tee shirt - maybe more than one.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I tried to take the day off work but there's too many meetings I can't get out of. At least there will be Thai food at lunch, though I'm so not a fan of the group lunch, especially not when I'm the reason. I'm not so good at being the center of in-person attention.

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happy birthday! And I have the same stripey problem ❤ xxx

Thank you xoxo

Stripey problems are the best <3

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